Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cape Mario - Case

Cape Mario - Case, originally uploaded by dash16.

So, I've been experimenting with creating a display case for my PixelBlocks creations. Ideally, the case will have two purposes: One, to protect the piece while it ships through the mail, and Two, to serve as a frame for displaying it. It has to be clear plastic, to let light through, yet firm enough to stand up on its own. I like how this turned out, and best of all it was cheap. The screws and bolts and washers were $2, and the plastic sheets were $2.50. I think I'm going to drill more holes, for a total of 8 all the way around so it is really well contained. As it stands, the plastic bows out a bit because the corners are tightened down, and I think if I put 4 more holes in the middle, between each corner it should really hold it in place. It's either that or some beads of hot glue in the corners of the piece. We'll see, I'm going to take it home with me and play around with it some more. I know for starters I'm going to need shorter bolts, as it stands there's at least half an inch protruding from the back.

I'm one step closer to having a piece I can ship through the mail, get your credit cards ready!

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  1. I put a couple of beads of hot glue on the back to give it some more traction, will try another drop test tomorrow. Might end up having to drill more holes too, we'll see.