Saturday, August 24, 2013


Spider-Man, originally uploaded by dash16.

Slow day at work.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chinese Flag

Chinese Flag, originally uploaded by dash16.

This was a request from a coworker. Nearly used all of my red, and I had to scale down the design a couple times to complete it. The proportions aren't quite where I want them, but to give the stars any detail (other than single dots) it will have to do.


Heart, originally uploaded by dash16.

This was to be my first commissioned piece, a wedding coordinator contacted me and wanted a cake topper for a couple. I'm a victim of my own thoroughness; the bride apparently followed the instructions on my blog for my process and made her own! I made this last year, I'm taking it apart today to cannibalize the colors I need for my next piece.

It's on now.

Light Yellow, Dark Blue, originally uploaded by dash16.

The final two colors from the pixelblocks color palette, Light Yellow and Dark Blue, have been notably missing from my collection. Today a generous coworker donated a set that contained every single color, including these two.

I'm going to start making pieces again, starting with a request from this coworker. Look for it soon.