Thursday, April 8, 2010


Battletoad, originally uploaded by dash16.

Another co-worker request. I chose Rash from Battletoads. I picked a cool pose, but unfortunately it wasn't able to stand up on its own in the real world. Way too top heavy, didn't balance and the leg was very skinny so it was floppy too. I stood it up against my iMac and another monitor, snapped the picture, then took him apart for parts.


  1. How long do you usually keep the assembled product before tearing them apart? I would think it would be nice to showcase them for some time, which I presume you do, but you mention that you took Rash apart almost immediately?

    Great work tho!

  2. I do showcase them for a while, either until I get tired of them or need the blocks to make another more important one. My current one on display is Kratos, has been up for well over a month.

  3. Rash didn't make sense to display because he was too unstable, would have fell over and broke.

  4. This is freakin awesome!