Saturday, February 2, 2008


I started this blog to showcase some of the pixel art I've been building at work lately. About 6-9 months ago we had a vendor fair at work, and one of our partners (Adobe) was giving out these little tins of pixelblocks. I didn't think much at the time, until I started trying to build a question mark block from Super Mario Bros. I found that one tin didn't have nearly enough blocks in it, I was especially lacking in yellow. So my friend Tim started aquiring other tins from fellow coworkers and rounded up about 4 or 5 more.

I built the block, and Mario to punch the block, and a super mushroom. I broke it down and made Fire Mario, with a fireball. I made Samus and a Metroid from the NES Metroid. I gave it a rest for a while and folded origami instead. After folding 1000 paper cranes, 2 giant epcot balls, and a bunch of other shapes I got sick of origami and moved back to pixelblocks. I bought a set with 1200 blocks and a few more colors than I had originally and started building more. I build in between calls, on my lunches and breaks, whenever my mind and hands are not doing something else at my desk.

The 8-bit canvas is a vast one, and if I get creative I can attempt some 16-bit characters as well.

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